Clinician / Conductor


I have extensive experience as a clinician and guest conductor with academic (middle/high school and collegiate), community, church and professional ensembles - both vocal and instrumental.  I am also currently a certified clinician for the Young Men in Harmony program with The Barbershop Harmony Society.  I’m also the V.P. of Youth in Harmony for the Carolinas district of the BHS.  Clinics can be tailored to the specific needs of your ensemble, from basic tone production and ensemble techniques to presentation and interpretation.

“I cannot express how much I enjoyed working with you, Bill, and watching your skills up close and personal.  I was especially impressed with your teaching skills, knowledge of our craft and the way you interface and work with the music teachers.  Such pleasure to watch someone so dedicated, talented, skilled and especially one who obviously enjoys the process and the rewards.  Congratulations on being one of those rare men who is all of the above.”

                          - Gene Cokeroft (BHS International Gold Medal Winner and co-director of 2007 Orlando Harmony Explosion Camp)

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